MBP won't print despite printer connected

  Left Phalange 20:33 30 Nov 2014

I have just purchased the MBP 15" Retina with OS X Yosemite. I've only just swapped from Microsoft so am still learning. I have a HP Deskjet 1050A (USB connection). I have connected the printer to the MBP and it has successfully recognised it, the scanning feature works fine. The problem I have is printing. When I try to print e.g. a Pages document, the laptop still recognises the printer and says it has been sent to print. I then click on the printer icon on the dock that appears and it says the document is printing. Within 5 seconds the document on the printer queue disappears as if it has printed (just before this, the caption will say finished printing). It's as if my laptop thinks the document is printing and has printed really fast, when actually the printer has done nothing. My printer definitely has ink and is not paper jammed because I have successfully printed things connected to my old laptop today. Any help appreciated, thanks.

  Sapins 15:04 02 Dec 2014

I had a problem with an Epson RX620 on my imac which was printing first page last, no settings to change this. I have recently updated to Yosemite which I believed was causing the problem. anyway, go to System Preferences/printers and scanners/select your printer then delete it with the -minus sign, then add it back with the + plus sign, make sure the printer is connected and turned on. Apparently this re-installs the drives automatically. Hope this helps.

  Sapins 15:06 02 Dec 2014

Drives should read drivers.

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