MBP 2017 turns off and wont turn on when unplugged

  Jonathan May-Bowles 11:57 22 Dec 2017

As the title suggests, my Macbook Pro 2017 is switching itself off when I unplug it, and then won't switch back on. It usually starts behaving normally again within 24 hours, often less, but it's very aggravating as I have had the laptop for about a month. I took it in for a genius bar appointment and naturally the fault didn't occur during my visit and they could find no hardware problems. I've not spilled water on it or done anything else weird. The Apple people said that it sounded like a power surge, but I don't know why my computer would falsely think there was a power surge every time I unplugged it.

Stuff I've already tried:

SMC reset

PRAM reset

Any help greatly appreciated.

  jaritch 17:17 22 Dec 2017

You need to take it back to Apple. Why not take a video of the problem occurring and let them see it if not happening in the store.

  HondaMan 11:20 23 Dec 2017

Exactly when and how, ie mail order, in-store, did you buy it?

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