Mbook Pro 2009 resets after loading about 70%

  theocrasia 12:23 12 Mar 2018

Ok, so my Macbook Pro (2009 13 inch), starts to load up: you see the apple logo, the bar loads to about 70%, and then it resets.

When I hold shift to do safe mode, it gets to about 90% and then doesn't progress any further.

I wiped the hard drive recently, and installed OS High Sierra (which it was running comfortably until recently). If I put the hard drive in a caddy, I can use that OS remotely with my other Macbook, which indicates there is no issue with the hard drive.

I recently needed to swap out the 8GB of RAM (proven working) from it to a different machine, so I put in 4GB (2 x 2GB) from another Macbook (proven working). However since I swapped in the new RAM, I haven't had a successful OS load.

Prior to the hard drive wipe, and re-installation of OS, it would show the apple logo and then reset immediately (before the loading bar would show), after re-installation of OS, now it is doing as described above.

I have reset SMC and PRAM (to my knowledge).

It would appear the issue is the RAM by deduction; but I would have presumed that a RAM issue would prevent a boot entirely?

Before buying new RAM are there any other suggestions to be made?


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