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Max capacity microSD an iphone can see via adapter

  ZazayQua!? 21:58 16 Jun 2019

Hello I know that natively, iphones does not have a slot for a micro SD. However, there are adapters out there for this purpose. My question is what size (GB wise) can an iphone see through this adapter? I have asked around and it seems that no one knows the answer. I hope someone in this forum can help.

Thank you in advance.

  john bunyan 19:11 17 Jun 2019

In this link it mentions 128gig on an SD card via the lightening to SD reader. It says fine for photos but issues with videos

SD card for iPhone

  john bunyan 19:13 17 Jun 2019

PS go into the Q& A in the link - normal SD not micro

  ZazayQua!? 19:24 17 Jun 2019

Thanks a lot John for your reply. I guess this adapter won't serve my purpose as I was planning on putting mp3's on the micro SD to use with my spare iphone 5.

  john bunyan 19:51 17 Jun 2019

There are other adapters; probably worth looking at them (eg Amazon) and read the Q & A on each It is to do with IOS version 12 and above

  ZazayQua!? 02:35 19 Jun 2019

I see this adapter below by fixget. According to the description, it should see 128 GB, but I asked a couple of questions and no one (including seller) seems to know haha. That's not promising :)

click here

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