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Mavericks, Mac Mini, BBC IPlayer, corebluetooth...

  moonson 02:51 06 Apr 2018

Can I really be the only person to be having this problem?

A recent update of BBC IPlayer Downloads (that's 2.5.5, not the fairly recent big update, which I think was 2.0 or 2.5) is refusing to run on my 2009 mac mini on 10.9.5 Mavericks. If the error message is any help [I could of course reproduce the whole thing], the first and possibly main thing that is complaining about is the lack of /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreBluetooth.framework/Versions/A/CoreBluetooth - which the Apple developers site says wasn't included until 10.10

But i can't find a CoreBluetooth.framework to download, and anyway would it have any value in 10.9.5?

Might it just persuade the app. that it's there, so it can move on?

FWIW I'm not using IPlayer with anything Bluetooth, not am I intending to!

BBC tech support no help - tho' at least replying - they do say they haven't been able to reproduce the problem (a flashing alarm light, of course) - but have they actually tried?

(I'd even be happy to find a download of the previous version of IPlayer Downloads, that worked perfectly well)

  bremner 05:57 06 Apr 2018

Why not update to Yosemite if iPlayer Downloads is important to you.

New version of programmes often cause issues with old versions of Operating systems.

  moonson 13:02 06 Apr 2018

Your answer, although intended to be helpful, runs up against the whole question of what the 2009 mini can deal with. [1] I'm not sure it can hack it with 10.10 [2] I thought Mavericks was supposed to be the loosely supported point for older machines [3] I really don't know what else I'd have to update to kick me up a division

[I will probably buy a new mini when and if they appear, but as an actual pretty poor self-employed art person i'm happy to keep this one running for as long as I can before having to spend £800-£1k or whatever it will cost.

My general point is that IPlayer Download 2.5.4 (or whatever it was before this last update) was running perfectly happily until the update, would still be if I hadn't updated, and somewhere out there there is someone who knows what tweak it will take to carry on doing so.

  bremner 13:48 06 Apr 2018

Yosemite spec states it is fine for the early and late 2009 Mac Mini with 2GB Ram minimum 4GB recommended.

My point is that the issue with iPlayer Download is very likely to be repeated with other programs as they update.

  moonson 14:16 06 Apr 2018

Thanks, I hadn't read that about Yosemite. It's still a bigger job than a little patch or insert, including that I don't know what it would do to every other program on the machine, so I'll hold out for a different fix for a while. Another reason I was hanging on to Mavericks was backwards compatibility with old bits of software and hardware I used to use a lot. Perhaps I don't need to any more, but, again, a bigger question than why TF they had to tweak the Downloader just that one step over the line. Especially if it's actually a Bluetooth thing - wireless devices nothing like as ubiquitous as some would like us to believe. I'm also puzzled that no-one else has yet reported the problem, so there may be something in my configuration (and the error message may be, umm, in error) that could be more easily remedied.

  moonson 02:29 12 Apr 2018

WELL - and Bless 'em for it - the BBC coders came up with a new version that doesn't crash my 10.9.5.... So it wasn't just me having the problem after all. Thinks: need to find the 10.9.5 verion of Low End Mac or something like it (LEM don't get that far up the ladder yet); the right people are out there somewhere...

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