Mail has gone offline, won’t come back on

  Julian Michael Wulf Best 23:18 24 Jul 2018

Hi- I have inherited a circa 2012 iMac updated to Mac OSX ver 10.7.5 The email functions have worked well for ages but for some reason all accounts have now gone offline and won’t go online again. Any helpful hints or tips( I even tried deleting and reinstalling one of the accounts but that made no difference!) Many thanks ( ps I can still get mail on my iPhone and by logging on through google)

  Forum Editor 15:22 29 Jul 2018

There obviously isn't a problem with your service provider's mailservers, or you wouldn't be able to access your mail via your phone, and in any case you say you can access your mailbox(es) via webmail.

Have you installed anything new by way of anti-virus or malware applications?

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