To Maglock or not to Maglock

  HondaMan 16:39 31 Dec 2016

I know, the title is useless, but this is really a cautionary tale for those of you intending to buy a MacBook from a very well-known online retailer.

Put simply, I bought a mid 2010 MacBook a couple of years back. All worked well until last Tuesday when it refused to charge. Checked it out on the wife's charger and everything was fine, OK, so that means it's the charger. On Wednesday, into town, taking the old charger with me, show it to a very helpful salesman who says, "Oh, yes. That's Maglock2" Off I go some £70 poorer, get home BUT, the charger lead will not fit the computer.

After much investigation and another visit to the shop. it appears that the charger was an aftermarket one fitted with a Maglock1, but which looked exactly like a Maglock2. Even the store which I visited were surprised.

So, if you need a Maglock 1 connector, make sure that it is, indeed, a Maglock1 and NOT a Maglock1 which looks like a Maglock2!

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