Macworld Magazine app will not open on my iPad

  jake55albion 14:56 21 Sep 2015

Tried to open the latest edition of the Macworld Magazine today on my iPad and found it would not open. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app again no-good tried a reboot and again no good I installed the io9 up grade yesterday.Has anybody else had this problem or dos anybody know of a solution. Regards John

  Macworld 09:57 22 Sep 2015

We're trying to find out what the issue is... It downloaded on my iPad - but it's running iOS 8. So I need to find an iPad running iOS 9 and test it there.

  Macworld 10:54 23 Sep 2015

We tried it yesterday and had no issues downloading it in iOS 9 or iOS 8, hopefully it was just a temporary glitch for you.

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