Macros to make keywords BOLD?

  powerless 11:29 01 Jun 2003

Using Word 2002 i have typed many pages out featuring keywords. For example: Mail, Server

The problem is i forgot to make these keywords BOLD. Its going takes ages to go through and change each one. So i thought i could create a Macro to look for these keywords and make them bold.

Problems is have i have not a clue how to do that.

So the question is can i do this and more imporantly how?

Go easy never been near the macros side of things. I'm also new to Word 2002 so may there ia another feature apart from a macro that will do this?

  powerless 12:03 01 Jun 2003

Edit/Replace what will they think of next.

Well it worked and it is still working because i'm still replacing.


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