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Macromedia players downloads

  Rhuddlan 23:41 09 Mar 2006

Hi all, I am trying to download shockwave and flash player for a friend who cannot install them on his computer, but when I visit the Macromedia site it only installs on my computer, it doesn't let me download and have the option of saving to disk?

Anyone help?

Regards, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 00:13 10 Mar 2006

Myself and my friend is using Internet Explorer, it doesn't even install on his computer, but will on mine, but I already have them both, I need to download it for him.

Surely you should be able to do that?

Regards, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 18:12 13 Mar 2006

Any urgent help on this subject would be recieved greatfully.

Regards, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 15:48 19 Mar 2006

ashdav, when you say a browser setting problem, what do you mean?

  Rhuddlan 16:36 19 Mar 2006

Wolfie3000, thanks for that, shockwave player was fine, but the flash player only installs not downloads.

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