swapper 07:29 02 Nov 2003

For the las 24 hrs.I have been trying to download the flash player from the Macromedia site.
I get to the site o.k. but when I click to download I just get "an error on page", is this me or is it the Macromedia site? can I get from somewhere else ps?

  [DELETED] 10:11 02 Nov 2003

Hi Swapper.
Is this the link that you went to. click here I just tried it and it worked ok.

  [DELETED] 10:58 02 Nov 2003

have tried for several days to download. It doesn't get anywhere and I have to "End Task" internet explorer to escape from the Macromedia site! Any ideas anyone? Windows Me.

  [DELETED] 11:02 02 Nov 2003

The Macromedia flash plug in is available on some of the free computer mag discs. You may possibly already have this.

  swapper 12:14 02 Nov 2003

Hello AubreyS, just tried again, but u/s! did you actually download the file?

I have Winxp btw.

Seashanty - I do not keep may discs, but I will have a look, thanks.

  swapper 13:06 02 Nov 2003

should be "many" of course :-))

  swapper 23:00 22 Nov 2003

After a couple of weeks holiday, I have now sorted things out.

Thanks for the help.

  swapper 20:07 27 Feb 2004

What I should have said was that I have SpywareBlaster installed, and I had disabled the Macromedia Flash within it!!

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