macro? for word

  rsturbo 00:46 06 May 2005

i have word 2003 and want to be able to press a button or combination of 2 to type a word i have to use often. i.e pressing alt + x types the word spaceship is it possible to do this?

thanks for any help

  sat481 00:59 06 May 2005

you could try using autocorrect and asign the word spaceship to a combination of letters that isn't used much


  Taff36 09:07 06 May 2005

Try Autotext - Look it up in Word Help for full instructions. Note that Autotext requires at least five letters so a word like spaceship isn`t going to save much time. However if you show a customised toolbar / autotext toolbar you can put the word spaceship on it and a single click of the mouse will do it.

  pauldonovan 09:12 06 May 2005 least not in my version I have autotext that replaces the word 'sig' with an image of my signature - I just have to hit f3 after typing sig, so you could probably even make it x and F3 to do it.

  Rigga 09:33 06 May 2005

Yes it can be done, quite easily.

Firstly, start a new document, then go to Tools-Macro-Record New Macro

Give it a name.. say, SpaceshipWord, then type the word you require into the empty doc. Then hit the stop recording button to stop recording the macro.

Then under Tools-Customize and under the Command tab. Click the keyboard button.

Then scroll down the categories and highlight macros. Then in the box to the right should be a list of all the macros you have recorded.

Highlight the required macro, and then click anywhere in the Press new shortcut key area, then press the required keys, e.g Alt+x, which should then appear in the box.

Then just hit the assign button, to assign that keypress to that macro.

Close all the customise pages down, and in your document, try your new keyboard assignment.



  goffer23 09:35 06 May 2005

I think Autocorrect,as mentioned by sat481 is your best option - under Tools.This will give you a replacement function with only typing in 1 or more letters - however pick a combination that you don't use for anything else otherwise it can be a nuisance (you can of course turn it off)

  rsturbo 18:27 06 May 2005

thanks for all input

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