Macrium Reflect Backup (Incremental?)

  The Brown Rock 21:07 25 Jan 2010

I'm using Macrium Reflect (Free) as a backup utility to my C: drive. I have scheduled a one (1) full backup per week,(on Monday's) and it is working. Try as I might I am unable to activate any "Incremental" backup's which I intended to run daily between the above stated.
As I have a 500GB external HD disk for backup and with only 60GB in C: my plan was to run a three week cycle as outlined above. I have followed "blog" instructions and over several hours of clicking,; all to no avail, I simply cannot find "Incremental" not slone put it to use. Can the 'forum' come to my aid please?
The Brown Rock

  The Brown Rock 00:02 26 Jan 2010

I believe I have the answer to my own question! I have located a list of features in both the "Free" edition, and the "Purchase" edition. It appears "Incremental" backup with other important features are only available if you purchase. I consider these to be important enough with more control for the safety of the system to warranr shelling out - I'm impressed so far.

  GaT7 00:29 26 Jan 2010

I notice MR is £23-24 to purchase click here.

But the latest version of Acronis True Image (ATI) is under £20 click here. G

  GaT7 00:33 26 Jan 2010

Found another site selling MR at a discount for £16.99 click here.

After adding it to your basket, remove the 'Extended Download Service' to get it for the above price. G

  David4637 15:46 26 Jan 2010

DON'T USE INCREMENTAL BACKUPS, the risk of file corruption increases considerably and the time saving is minimal. I also say this for ATI which is mentioned above. David

  The Brown Rock 20:59 29 Jan 2010

I looked at Acr---s firt: expensive and poor reviews. I purchased as I stated, I was already backing up , full image, on a weekly basis. It was recommended to complement the above you would use "Incremental" followed by "Disk Save" on a schedule of 21 days, which you set and more or less forget about. After some messing, I believe I have this in place. Had I the last respondents earlier things might have been different.
I appreciate very much your views on the subject.
Thanks again.

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