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MacPro crashes after being moved slightly

  Dropdeuce 19:49 08 Jan 2017

My 13inch Mid 2010 Macbook Pro has begin to crash almost everytime I use it. I find it will work for a little while and then get jostled or move slightly and it will crash, reload the grey screen with the same message written in about 4 different languages and reboot. I have never had a problem with it (apart from it being relatively slow and requiring a RAM upgrade) prior to these recurring events. If anyone has any idea what I should do, or has had this problem, let me know. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 10:13 09 Jan 2017

These symptoms are notoriously difficult when it comes to a diagnosis - there could be any one of several causes.

The fault could be indicative of a failing hard drive, or a dry connection on the motherboard, or a loose cable connection.

If you feel confident about opening the back of the machine (when it is turned off at the mains supply and the battery is removed) inspect all the cables - check to see if there is any chafing on the insulation covering, or any loose pin connectors on cable ends.

Make sure the RAM modules are properly seated, and that there is nothing that would obstruct the fans.

Your access to components is limited with a laptop, but check everything you can see.

Then, just try to avoid jostling the machine when it's running.

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