MacOS upgrade - internet connection requirements

  stonky 10:14 10 Oct 2019


I'm considering upgrading my OS (High Sierra to Mojave) over an internet connection that requires authentication. After an OS upgrade has downloaded there are typically a few restarts during the installation process. Obviously there's no user interaction here so I would not have the opportunity to enter authentication details.

My question is this: once the download has finished and the installation has started, is an internet connection required again before the installation process is completed?

  Pine Man 11:08 10 Oct 2019

is an internet connection required again before the installation process is completed?

You should be able to install without internet but once installed the installation will need to continue and be set up, which will require internet access.

  stonky 11:15 10 Oct 2019

Thanks Pine Man. What is your opinion based on - do you have a reference I can refer to? I ask that because I'm not entirely convinced. My only supporting evidence is that I've just done a security update on such a connection which, as it turned out, required two restarts ... and that didn't give me a problem. It may be that my MAC address was cached.

  Pine Man 11:20 10 Oct 2019

Based on the fact that I have updated my Mac several times now and the latest being yesterday when I updated to Catalina.

You may well have restarts but they shouldn't need internet access. However, after the final restart you will need to provide information to complete the set up, which I believe may well need internet access.

  stonky 11:34 10 Oct 2019

Yes I too have upgraded several times.

With respect, I still suspect that your view is experience-based rather than hard facts (e.g. "... I believe may well need internet access". It's one thing to definitively say to someone "this will require internet access" and it's another to say "this may require internet access" :)

But remembering my last OS upgrade, you could well be correct about completion of the set-up process. So this may need a connection, but for the step I'm thinking of there's an option to "set up later", which may obviate that.

Guess I'll have to decide whether to take the punt.

Thank you for your replies.

  Pine Man 11:35 10 Oct 2019

Good luck:-)

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