Machine turns self on and off! Replaced just about everything! Ghost?

  labrys 21:48 03 Apr 2012

I've got a Packard Bell that started turning itself off and on again, at random intervals but repedadly. My first (and most hopeful) thought was PSU. I replaced and it worked for a little while but the the problem 'started up' again (no pun intended).

I started pulling bits out till I was left with: motherboard, processor & ram (tried two different sticks one at a time.. left none in and it just gives out one contiunous bleep). Still got the same problem. Surely cant be a hd or virus issue then. And that leaves the only three bits of hardware right?

So I by new motherboard and processor bundle that came with new ram (all three bits it could possibly be?) replaced. Put it all in current case, with new power supply. Turn on for a bit and it works for a while.

I Start plugging things back in one at a time try it for a bit turn off and stick something else in; gfx card, sit around in bios, seems ok for a bit,plug in cd drive, sit around in bios for a bit, then hard drive. I go into windows and attempt to start installing new drivers, plug network cable back in (into new motherboard onbord netowrk port) in-case it needs updates, and after a while it turns off again.

I pull out hd, sit around in bios and it turns off again. Can't be the case could it?

I am thoughrouly confused!

  rdave13 21:57 03 Apr 2012

Just wondering if it could be a faulty on/off or reset button on the case?

  labrys 22:06 03 Apr 2012

I tried wiggling the front panelwire, didnt turn off streight away whilst i was doing it, so maybe not the wire; I suppose the button itself could be faulty?

I will have to buy a new case and see if that fixes the issue. I will have literally replced just about everything then!

  labrys 22:13 03 Apr 2012

One thing I dont get if it is a front panel wire issue: it dosent have a reset button on the case, and windows was set to hibernate on the case button, not just turn off?!?

  Earthsea 22:23 03 Apr 2012

Your computer is like a broom with a new handle and brush!

Have you tried disconnecting the monitor?

  robin_x 22:46 03 Apr 2012

Check mains cable, extension blocks and plugs are wired correcly, terminals are tight.

Additional Google here re: PC On/Off switches

Make sure the mains cable is fully pushed into PSU. Could wiggle that as well.

  labrys 00:31 04 Apr 2012

Cheers all..

I've tried it with the graphics card and with the onboard gfx. Ive swapped the kettle lead! I'm running out of things to replace! Next will be the case (i'll try to buy tomorrow) then if still an issue the power extension cable?!?. Then maybe my electricty supplier lol.

I haven't tried trunning it with no monitor though.

  birdface 05:37 04 Apr 2012

Probably nothing to do with it but as you have got it set to hibernate maybe that is what it is doing.Maybe switch hibernate off if you can just to see.

Could it be overheating fans not working and shutting down.Or new CMOS battery needed.

I know mine used to shut down occasionally till I reseated the Ram back in firmly.

  Input Overload 11:13 04 Apr 2012

Have you considered voltage drops – I personally would not run any none battery PC device without a UPS – I install the things & I see logs & in long term mains tests I've run voltages can vary from 190 – 250 quite often in the UK with short term changes far greater than that – In the Republic of Ireland & out in the sticks in the UK you frequently get less than 190 volts - Just a thought.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:32 05 Apr 2012

Check plug and socket wiring

  labrys 21:43 05 Apr 2012

Replaced the case now too (which came with a 500w power supply, so i've upgraded that again now) and it seems to be working?!? But Theres not much left of the original pc. Would have to now start putting all old bits back in and see if it happens again. Currently the only old bits are/is one sata wire, the dvd drive, a HD and a gfx card.

It would suck if I essentially bought a whole new pc again because of something on the case (faulty power switch?, front panel shorts?, dodgy usb?).

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