cheechman 21:03 01 Jan 2006

I switched on my Mum's machine the other day and it is asking for a boot disk. It was working fine a couple of hours earlier - she is on holiday at the moment and I would really like to get it sorted before she comes back.

  keith-236785 21:07 01 Jan 2006

could you tell us what version of windows ie XP, Win98SE, ME etc and also what you have done since she left, for example installed any software/hardware etc.

for boot disks, click here but we need to discover why it needs the disk first.

  VoG II 21:08 01 Jan 2006

"asking" - what is the *exact* message please?

  cheechman 21:27 01 Jan 2006

I installed a Mp3 convertor and then uninstalled it. Tried downloading a couple of tracks from a bit torrent but it was still working fine after that.

Its running XP and the error message below comes up.

Searching for boot record from CD Rom - Not found.

Searching for boot record from SCSI - Not found

Searching for boot record from floppy - Not found

Boot failure. Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device. Press any key when ready.

Is there any chance of doing a system restore without going into windows?

  VoG II 21:31 01 Jan 2006

It seems to want to boot from the CD first so try a repair click here

  cheechman 21:35 01 Jan 2006

Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow and let you know.

  cheechman 21:39 01 Jan 2006

Apologies for a being dumb but how do I make a back-up of the files at this stage? ie before I do the repair?

  VoG II 21:42 01 Jan 2006

The repair will leave your documents intact. It only reinstalls Windows files.

As you can't get into Windows you won't be able to do the backup step.

  keith-236785 18:34 02 Jan 2006

seems like either the hard drive has failed or the Master Boot Record has been lost/corrupted.

for the second one. goto click here, download a win98SE startup disk. once downloaded, put a blank floppy in the drive and double click the downloaded file, it will create the bootdisk for you.

reboot the pc, at the menu press "shift+F5"

wait a few seconds until you get the prompt A:> then type

fdisk /mbr

press enter and it will rewrite the boot record for you.

if the hard drive hs died then im afraid its a case of buying a new one and starting from scratch, trying to get the old one to work long enough to get the data from it (sometimes able to get it to work as a slave drive).

good luck

  keith-236785 18:37 02 Jan 2006

just remembered, before doing anything else

Check you havent got any disks in any drives that could be stopping the bootup.

leaving a floppy disk in by mistake can cause a similar problem. (or even a cd maybe) just remove any disks from the drives and try again.

  cheechman 21:22 02 Jan 2006


I tried using VoG's link and unfortunately it didn't work. I also found a link on paperman27 post which directed me to lots of instructions starting with how to create .tmp file by Charlie(?) who is not a geek - unfortunately that didn't work either.

I think it may be because the only Windows XP disk I could find was an upgrade CD. It told me that no version of windows was previously stored on the machine. Oh SH*T!!!!

Paperman - I will try your set of instructions tomorrow. Thanks again!

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