Machine reboots at Windows boot screen.

  bremner 12:04 06 Jun 2004

Just had a phone call from a friend.

He has an XP HE based Packard Bell iMedia machine which gets to the Windows screen with the blue bar moving along and the machine simply reboots and is stuck in that loop.

Will not go into safe mode and attempts at recovery console can't get by the requested password. PB have given him two factory options (no password and a default - nether of which work)

Anyone got experience of this and what it may be so I have a starting point when I get the machine tomorrow.

  Indigo 1 12:23 06 Jun 2004

You could try a repair with the XP CD.

Or try to boot from the XP floppies.

  Fruit Bat 12:31 06 Jun 2004

A driver loading problem,
XP can't find item its loading driver for.
Check all IDE and power cables before rebooting press F8 at start up for safe mode.


  bremner 12:33 06 Jun 2004

Thanks but as I said the recovery (repair) console is not accessable so my thought at the moment is a reinstall of XP. I do not think he has any floppies although I could download it but if anyone else has a suggestion ?

  Old Shep 12:47 06 Jun 2004

Saw this on a thread earlier and was advice given by POWERLESS click here similar problem

  bremner 13:06 06 Jun 2004

Old Shep

The problem being the password is unknown. I know how to get around that once in Windows but at present that is not possible

  Graham ® 15:22 06 Jun 2004

Could be the PSU is failing to provide enough power for the next stage of boot?

  bremner 16:22 06 Jun 2004


Interesting suggestion thanks.

  VoG II 18:02 06 Jun 2004

If you can find a password that works click here

  hugh-265156 18:18 06 Jun 2004

there is no password by default for the recovery console.

on packard bell machines the recovery console should be displayed as an option to choose just after the post dont need a windows cdrom.

leave the password blank and press enter.

i would then try 'fdisk /mbr' as a command if you cannot even get into safe mode.this should rebuild the master boot record.

if it still doesnt work and you still cannot even get into safe mode the only thing left to do would be to use the red recovery floppy :-(

its a good idea to make an image of the drive with drive image or acronis etc.for times like this i have found it a lifesaver.

  bremner 18:47 06 Jun 2004

Thanks Vog for the link.

My friend has said he has tried leaving it blank with no success but I will give your info a try myself.

I too rely on an Image as a fail safe.

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