Machine Always Rebooting

  aidanone 16:22 12 May 2004


My W98 machine had a problem with internet explorer, so i used the W98 disk to re-install it. Then checked the system files by using sfc at the command prompt.

However, now when I restart my system, it will startup ok and load to the desktop and then before i can do anything it shuts down. Restarts does a Scandisk and then continues this cycle.

I can go into Safe Mode, but i am unsure what to do next. I ran a Scandisk but this did not raise any issues.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful.


  Diodorus Siculus 16:45 12 May 2004

When running in safe mode, go to start, run and type in


Then press Run.

Under the startup tab. disable most of the items - leave your anti virus program and anthing that you are sure works ok.

Reboot and see if it starts ok.

  xania 16:46 12 May 2004

One of the problems with installing an OS over the top is that it does not always replace damaged .dll files if there are already copies installed. You may have some success if you delete all the .dll files and then try to re-install over the top, but otherwise, I would think you need to wipe your C:\ drive (don't forget to do all the backups first from Safe Mode and amkje sure you have a bootable floppy with CD drivers), the get all your Hardware drivers ready and install from scratch.

  aidanone 19:29 12 May 2004

After trying different things that didnt work, I decided to format the C drive and start again with a fresh install of W98.

The setup went as normal and I thought that all was going well until the machine started up again and when it came to the desktop it rebooted again as it had done previously.

Reboot, scandisk, desktop, reboot . . .you get the idea.
Not really sure what to do next - any ideas ??

  Diodorus Siculus 20:10 12 May 2004

I would still ask what is loading at startup, and what you can disable?

  WaTcHiNg 20:44 12 May 2004

I'm sure this is symptomatic of the W32/Sasser worm virus.

  blackstorm2k 22:35 12 May 2004

It's likely to be a virus - could be the sasser worm (you should find the removal tool on symantecs or microsofts websites - use another machine if you can't use yours).
If it was a regular software related problem, a format would have solved the issue (viruses can get round disc formats).
Alternativly, you could check your hardware to make sure nothing's overheating (but this seems unlikely from what you've descibed)

  Steven135 22:43 12 May 2004

Thought Sasser didn't affect W98 machines sounds like a hardware/driver problem as you are able to boot in safe mode and it happens after a clean install might be worth removing your cards except for the graphic card?

  aidanone 13:53 13 May 2004

Hi All,

Thank you all for your help.

However, the problem is still happening.

I have done a virus scan on the system and there is no report of any virus.

I have also tried removing certain parts during startup, i.e. remove modem card, serial port, cd drive, etc. But still the same thing is happening.

It makes me think that there must be a problem with the motherboard !!

Just wondering has any else come across this before or have you any idea what i could try next??

  inneedofhelp 14:48 13 May 2004

I had the same prob, however this was due to there not being enough power from the psu due to my graphics and loads of drives, however this seems unlikly for you.mmmmm. It must be a drvier prob if it runs ok in safe mode.

  aidanone 13:10 14 May 2004

Thankfully, I have now got the machine up and running.

Thanks to all who posted comments.

I had to replace the power supply to fix the problem, and of course it was the last thing to be checked, typically.

Once again thanks.

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