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MacBookPro Touch 2016 & Samsung u32h850 4K Monitor

  Andrew White 00:31 18 May 2018

Dear all.

This is my first ever post on tech page for Apples as I am still fan of Win10. But who cares now.

I have MBP 15 Touch 2016 and recently upgraded from LS27A950 Monitor to U32H850 monitor to plug it with my MBP as extra wall monitor.

2-3 days later start notice that my Internet is dropping, WI-FI signal strong but can't use internet. Blamed router - wrong guess Cleared network settings on MBP - still intermittent. After spent 1 hr talking to sky trying to rectify issue with WIFI channels etc. Solution to upgrade router to brand new insisted and it is on the way. But hey, just now started working with spreadsheets without monitor -all fine, no network issue rock solid download speed. Decided to turn on second screen to run Youtube on background and my speed decreased to 0, and with (strong signal) internet gone missing.

Eurika... Found a trigger. Unplugged monitor USB-C to DisplayPort cable, and WHAT... Internet recovered. Speeds up on full.

Samsung got PIP mode (Picture in Picture) so during day nerve trigger I had shared display with my PC plugged to HDMI2 occasionally and this played the trick with intermittence. All cables and power chargers are native. USB-C to DP is reputable brand as well.

Is this NORMAL, What to do? Any suggestions. No Mac 1yr support expired in November.

I am advanced IT man, so can understand and follow suggestions

  jaritch 22:05 20 May 2018

I think I read somewhere about issues of wifi dropping when using a dongle. Try putting it in different usb c ports on the macbook pro, failing that try a different dongle.

  Andrew White 15:26 21 May 2018

Hi Jaritch,

I am not using any sort of dongle. I am using cable USB-C to DisplayPort. To connect to Monitor, and I have tried connecting all 4 ports 1 by 1. To see if this makes any difference.

The only thing that does the trick is if I use 2 ports at the same time utilising PIP (Picture in Picture) feature available on this monitor.

but then I need to run 2 computers at the same time while using only 1 :)

Well to conclude my 4 days of experimenting with different cables settings etc. MacBookPro 2016 Touch is not to be companion for my MBP. While being stunning monitor, I will have to pass it on and get NOT so ideal 27UD69P and downsize. As 32 for office general work is not so great either.

I will give it another week before selling on ebay, as I am out of my 28days na cant return... :( Small advise: Don't buy anything just before holiday unless you need it for holiday ;)

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