MacBookPro 15 wont boot, fans just start then stop

  arkade 22:59 20 Jan 2018

MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011


Battery expanded massively so I replaced it and at the same time added an SSD and moved the original HDD into DVD bay.

Installed MacOS Sierra onto SSD and booted and worked as usual.

Had some install issues getting Bootcamp to play nice but eventually got Windows 8.1 working fine (minus audio) on the HDD.

Was installing and copying files while on windows. When I went back to it appeared off, though I guess it could have been sleeping due to whatever settings Windows defaulted.

Now when I try to power on the fans spin up for a very short time then stop. The front status light flashes once. Nothing on screen.

It seems like the macbook is purposely cutting the power.

I am aware of AMD GPU issues with this machine, how can I know for sure if it is or is not that...there had ben no gfx glitches leading up to this.

I obviously can't reset the NVRAM as it doesn't power on properly.

Have tried removing the battery and SMC reset. No change.

Have tried removing battery and forcing power cycle by holding power 10 secs, inserting power cable, continuing to hold power button another 10 secs then releasing. It doesn't try to power on until i release the button, as you would expect, however it only manages to keep the fans going an extra second at most.

Have changed the power board to no effect.

With any combination of battery and cable plugged in/out it does the same thing.

Anyone wise enough to help me tackle this?

Thank you for your help.

  arkade 12:45 22 Jan 2018

It's sad that there is no one who thinks tey know the problem :(

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