Macbook won't let me lunch any apps, including fin

  matthewBtindall 10:51 26 Nov 2016

Recently replaced my ram on my macbook due to 'three bleeps' when trying to boot, ever since then I got a 'unknown error 13014' when trying to load iTunes, everything then became really slow. I decided to wipe it and start again doing a complete reinstall of the latest mac os. Upon firing up the macbook, I found that I could use the finder (this still happens), I would get the unknown error message for the rest of the apps and then after using it for a for apps few minutes when trying to click on any of the apps I get a message saying application can't be launched. After this process I either get the rolling loading ball or a black screen.

Sorry if this post isn't written in the right format, it's my first post, and I am starting to become worried as I need it for university and I can't afford a new one.

Thanks in advance, Matt

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