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Macbook turns off with its hard drive connected.

  MurdoTM 16:02 16 May 2018

Hope someone can help solve this one. I have a Macbook Pro A1425 that when turned on it does the chime & shows the apple logo & the loading bar fills up to about 50-75% of the way then the mac cuts out. If I remove the hard drive from the mac & try turning it on it stays on without cutting out but obviously wont boot without the hard drive connected. The mac uses an SSD that is connected to the motherboard via a a cradle under the touchpad, I have tried a new SSD but same results, tried a new cradle same results & even tried a new motherboard & same results. So I am a bit lost as to what could be causing the issue of it cutting out with SSD installed but stays on when its removed. Anyone got any suggestions before I put it to the scrap pile?

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