MacBook Retina makes grinding noise and gets extremely hot

  AlexanderCrichton 10:03 04 May 2015

My 2012 MacBook Retina constantly makes a grinding noise. I have taken it into Apple 5 times now and each time they refuse to find the problem. I have 3 other similar MacBooks in my household and none of them make this noise and/or ever overheat.

I suspect the grinding noise is coming from the fans, it is audible in most places and this should not be the case.

Every so often, when the MacBook is turned on, the fans kick in and go into what seems to be warp-speed. The thing then goes onto reach temperatures hot enough to melt the keys! To which the genius tried to tell me I had placed something hot on my keyboard! The damn thing just will not work as it should!

I paid nearly £2000 for it and it is still under warranty. However, when I take it into Apple I always get fobbed off. Nothing is done, they tell me that there is nothing they can do and send me on my way. A disgruntled customer.

I could understand if my Shuffle broke, I could just buy a new one, but for something that has cost so much money you would expect them to at least take an interest. Seemingly it isn't and issue to them, so much to the point that the last time I took it in they lost a screw in the back of it and proclaimed that they could not change it in store!

Is there anyone who can suggest something to solve my problem. Preferably one that doesn't include banging my head against a wall like I have been!

  Forum Editor 15:05 04 May 2015

"I have taken it into Apple 5 times now and each time they refuse to find the problem."

They flatly refuse even to try?

If a machine is making a grinding noise and overheating to the extent that you say, it's pretty obvious that something is wrong. Has it made the noise when in the Apple store? If it has, I'm astonished to hear that the people there refuse to investigate.

When did you buy this machine -presumably you've had it from new?

When did the fault first become apparent?

  rdave13 19:55 04 May 2015

If still under warranty I would first run the diagnostic tool. click here.

That should give you a supporting report of overheating if nothing else. Armed with this and the poor history of the non support you've already had from the store (which you'll name of course) I would try contacting Apple via phone. See if you can get any sense for your problem. contact number.

  rdave13 20:00 04 May 2015

PS should have added that you will also need the serial number, model number etc. ready to hand.

  HondaMan 09:18 18 May 2015

just a small point, from where did you purchase the computer?

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