MacBook replacement charger needed. Which one?

  andreahop 20:45 29 Apr 2018

Hi all. My beloved MacBook Pro 2009's charger has just died. On quick inspection one of the 5 connection pins seems to have lost its spring and is stuck in. I need to buy a replacement. My charger is model A1330, 60W MagSafe power adapter with "T" style connector. But when I Google this I only find chargers with L style connectors. So my question is...what charger will work on my Mac? Will a 60w Magsafe 2 T style connector work on my older Mac? Help please... Thank you. Andrea

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)

  Forum Editor 11:56 30 Apr 2018

"Will a 60w Magsafe 2 T style connector work on my older Mac?"

Yes, it will. The two important factors are the connector type and the wattage - you can use a T type charger with a higher wattage (85W), but you must not user a lower wattage charger.

  andreahop 12:57 30 Apr 2018

Thank you �/p>

  HondaMan 16:06 30 Apr 2018

Check the fit very, very carefully. \The two MagSafe connectors may not be the same. The original is larger than the newer. Best option is to compare them physically before buying!

  Forum Editor 16:34 30 Apr 2018

I just noticed that you have a 2009 MacBook Pro. That means a Magsafe2 charger will be no good - that version is for machines made after 2012.

This is the one you want.

Apologies for the confusion.

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