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MacBook Pro.......Help, I've lost an app.

  Dave in Wales 08:39 14 Jan 2020

Topaz Denoise AI to be precise............ I'm on a MacBook, I've got the app, I've had the it just refuses to appear and I'm left with the desktop image. The app icon is in the dock, I click the icon and it jumps up and down like normal and a dot appears below it. The name of the app also appears adjacent to the apple logo top LH corner. All indicates that the app is ON. BUT the app is not visible just my desktop image. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app a couple of times and rebooted also.......still no app Topaz suggested I uninstall and reinstall and also delete a plist file, neither worked. I've asked the question on a couple of photo forums as it's a photo app.

click here of the suggestions has worked.

This is what I see..............href here by url=[click here in Wales[/url], on Flickr href here by url=[click here in Wales[/url], on Flickr



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