macbook pro usb port has power but cannot read

  Mohammad Farid 19:20 28 Mar 2017

Im having problem with my macbook pro 13 inch early 2011 The problem im facing is that both of my usb port gives out power, for e.g i can charge my phone and stuff.

But as soon as i plug in my wireless mouse or thumbdrive , it does not recognize at all but it has power, i have tried with SMC & PRAM reset , but nothing works.

I have thought of replacing my usb port but all of the shop i have enquire is quoting me $120 – $200 for replacing both of my ports. one of the shop told me that i might need to replace my usb controller chipset. Is that overprice and should i attempt on repairing it myself by getting the the replacement of the ports on ebay or amazon?

Any suggestion and or have anybody ever came across this issue?

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