Macbook Pro shuts down while asleep

  Juan Pablo Enriquez 20:58 20 May 2018

Sleep wake failure experienced a problem. This has happened me plenty of times, please HELP.

Problem report:

No samples for specified time interval

status: 0x40003
Code: 0x804000014
Stackshot reason: Watchdog

 Model: MacBookPro12,1, BootROM MBP121.0175.B00, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 2.7 GHz, 8 GB, SMC 2.28f7

Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100, Intel Iris Graphics 6100, Built-In Memory Module: BANK 0/DIMM0, 4 GB, DDR3, 1867 MHz, 0x80CE, 0x4B3445364533303445452D45474346000000 Memory Module: BANK 1/DIMM0, 4 GB, DDR3, 1867 MHz, 0x80CE, 0x4B3445364533303445452D45474346000000 AirPort: spairportwirelesscardtypeairport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x133), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( Bluetooth: Version 6.0.5f3, 3 services, 27 devices, 1 incoming serial ports Network Service: Wi-Fi, AirPort, en0 Serial ATA Device: APPLE SSD SM0128G, 121.33 GB USB Device: USB 3.0 Bus USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc., 27.1

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