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MacBook Pro doesn't recognise iPhone 8 is updated

  Cara V 17:14 18 Sep 2018

Hi there! I am trying to back up a previous iPhone (backed up to my MacBook Pro) to an iPhone 8, which has been updated to IOS 12.0. The problem is that iTunes thinks the iPhone 8 still needs to be updated. I've tried quitting iTunes, restarting both the phone and the laptop, but that has not solved the issue. Please help?

  rosewilliams 05:41 03 Oct 2018

Hello, Understanding your problem that is you are trying to back up your previous iPhone to an iPhone 8 which is earlier backed up on your MacBook Pro. This is not a big issue usually people are facing this issue when they are updating ios to 12. This issue is seen you just need to contact to the technical support team by dialing the mac support number. The tech support team is just a call away to solve your issue so what are you waiting for dial now and get your issue reolved in minutes.

  mgmcc 10:36 04 Oct 2018

Generally, when restoring a backup, both iPhones need to be running the same version of iOS. Was the phone that you backed up also running iOS 12?

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