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MacBook Pro CPU usage to high?

  borojohn1964 12:09 28 Apr 2020

Hi. I have noticed the vshieldscanner which I believe to belong to macafee is using about 90-95% of my CPU usage. As seen in the activity monitor. Is this normal? seems pretty high. Thanks.

  wee eddie 15:43 28 Apr 2020

Someone better correct me if I'm wrong.

It is my understanding that Antivirus Software uses as much of the CPU as is necessary, when running a Scan. Among other things, this reduces the amount of time the Scan takes.

  bremner 06:01 29 Apr 2020

I am using AVG on my iMac and that as I type is running a scan and is using 0.4-0.7% CPU

McAfee is known to be a hog but 90% is very excessive and has been reported as an issue. click here.

Personally I would dump mcAfee and installed AVG

  wee eddie 10:54 29 Apr 2020

That is only a problem if you need the RAM for other purposes

  appltechie 13:34 29 May 2020

High CPU can create significant problems for your Mac. It can cause it to overheat and delay its functioning. I highly recommend that you go to Activity Monitor and close any applications that are consuming too much CPU. If you don’t recognise a name for a process, it can be a background activity essential for your Mac’s maintenance. However, it could also be a malware. If the process consuming a lot of CPU looks unfamiliar and suspicious to you, check its parent task. If it’s called kerneltask you can check if it’s an authorised apple extension or a third-party product that might be a source of a virus. Go to Applications → Utilities → Terminal and type in kextstat, press “Enter”. It will list all the processes associated with kerneltask. The ones run by apple will start with Third-party processes will start with the name of the developer. If you don’t recognise the name of the developer, the chances are that it’s a virus process. In this case, you’ll need to locate the source file in Finder and uninstall it, either through a separate Uninstaller program or via trash. It doesn’t always work with viruses as they infiltrate your entire file system - if you still observe high CPU usage, you might have to get a special cleaning software that you’ll have to pay for.

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