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MacBook Pro (2012) stuck in startup

  TipsyTiltin 16:01 25 Nov 2019


So I finally took my macbooks out of the closet because they’ve been out of service for 2 years.

1st MAC problem: I have a 2012 MacBook Pro, 1 day I said oh cool El Capitan, let me install! Stupid as I am , I didn’t know about time machine , I went ahead to install and at the very end it said my computer wasn’t compatible( I’m guessing too old?) anyways now I’m stuck in recovery mode!

when I go to install a new installation of OS X , El Capitan is the new installation! Which won’t work! So it sounds to me like I overrided my original software? I know this MAC was upgraded to Yosemite. I don’t care what software I have as Long as it works!

coming back a year or so later I click the continue to El Capitan and immidiatley I get , “an error occurred while preparing the installation, try running again”

I have access to the internet, I can go to the menu where it shows the time machine option(which is blank :/ yes I’m dumb), the safari help( I connected to WiFi I can browse safari) , and disk utility, I did not wipe anything from my hard drive, although I will if I have to.

if I have any brain cells from what I did in the past, I’m guessing I need to get a disc of Yosemite or older or maybe even original software to install now.

I’m here asking you, if there’s any other way, as I do not have a disc of snow leopard or Yosemite just laying around, nor do I have another Mac to install the software to a usb. (I do have a Hp desktop but I’m guessing there’s no way I could install Apple software to a USB from a windows desktop? (I have some brain cells). But I actually do have another MacBook Pro which is broken as well:

Read below if you want to seek more of my never ending problems in my life , if not , please help me with the first MacBook problem, as I feel I’m closer to running the first than the second MacBook. thank u so much

2nd MacBook problem :

So you want to sit in misery with me on my other problems too now ?

my second MacBook Pro is running with a white question mark box of death @ startup . I tried alt -r , command -r , alt command r, it seems I cannot f* get out of this question mark lol. If there’s anything else I should try please help to do so, because if I got this MacBook running , I could install the Yosemite to a USB to fix my first MacBook problem!

I will be constantly refreshing this page, if anyone needs pictures or any information please ask! I will respond literally so fast. Your help is so greatly appreciated & I mean that! Thanks so much

  BRYNIT 18:57 25 Nov 2019

The following instructions from CLICK HERE will help you do a reinstall of El Capitan. Hopefully you created an apple ID when you first had this MacBook 2012 and still remember it as the reinstall some times asks for an apple ID when doing a clean install.

Have a read of CLICK HERE to help with your second MacBook.

  bremner 22:57 25 Nov 2019

A 2012 MacBook Pro should easily run El Capitan click here

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