MacBook Pro 2012 having trouble booting up

  Cnimetty 08:13 10 Apr 2018

Hi can any on give me some advice I have a MacBook Pro 2012 it is running high Sierra the thing is when I try to boot it with the hard drive in the laptop it won’t boot I keep getting a circle with a line through it like a no entry sign but if I take hard drive out and use it as a usb drive through the USB port it boots fine could it be the data cable in the Mac being knackered

  HondaMan 08:23 10 Apr 2018

Go to the "Apple" icon, top left > About this Mac, and check which disk the computer is set to start from.

  Cnimetty 08:39 10 Apr 2018

The drive I’m trying to boot from is the only drive available it has been booting up fine untill last weekend then it wouldn’t boot properly all the time it’s connected to the internal data cable it seem to start to boot then I get the Apple logo like I should then I get the circle with the line through it so I took the hard drive out of the MacBook and put it into a usb enclosure and boot it from one of the USB ports on the side of the MacBook and it boots as it should

  HondaMan 14:51 11 Apr 2018

Th from is incorrecte circle and liner, I think, mean that no operating system can be found. This is clearly not correct as the disk boots successfully when used externally. To me this suggests that your setting as to which disk the computer should boot from is incorrect

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