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MacBook Pro 2011 Screen issues

  Benjamin Perrott 17:25 12 Aug 2018

Hi, I have a MacBook Pro late 2011.

It’s getting a bit old now but usually works just fine, recently I left it on charge overnight for longer than i would usually leave the cable in for. When I went to start my Mac, it started fine but then the screen started to glitch, creating hundreds of vertical lines, the screen was cut in half and the other half appearing on the other side of the screen (if that makes sense? ) it became impossible to use. Can anyone advise why this has happened? It wasn’t dropped or damaged in anyway and has always been treated respectably, it just occurred out of the blue...

The only thing I can think of was that the length of time the cable was in for caused the issue, and perhaps over heated? Would that be the cause?

Appreciate any help


  HondaMan 19:34 12 Aug 2018

It sounds to me as though the screen has had it. The length of time charging should not have made that happen. Mine (2017) spends 90% of its time on the charger with no ill-effects.

  wee eddie 20:36 12 Aug 2018

There might be a problem with the Ribbon Cable that connects the screen to base.

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