Macbook Pro 2011 Fall - Charging problems!

  NewGuyOnTheBlock 07:41 11 Nov 2016

Hello All.

I have a MacBook Pro 2011 Fall Edition with a SSD drive, 16gb ram and no disc drive since I use my former hard drive here for more space.

Three days ago my computer went dead, simply due to the fact that I had forgotten my charger and was working out of a cafe. When I got back in the evening and plugged in my charger it only showed a very dim orange light. I couldn't get it to charge and I tried several different outlets and different plugs from different countries. In lack of a better reason and defeated by my charger I thought to myself I would just run out and buy a new the following day. Skip to: I have a new charger and yet same problem occurs, although now it is a dim green light.

I start researching online and I found several people with the same problem, same edition (and several others) who had managed to fix it by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it again after 30-60 seconds. I was yet again defeated.

I continued my search and more posts and videos popped up with people removing the battery, plugging the charger in and letting the motherboard charge, so to speak. For everyone online everything powers up and starts running. Not for me. I decided that it would make sense to remove the battery, put the bottom back on my MacBook and open up the screen, ready to boot. I plugged in the power - nothing but a dim light still.

Now I can't find any posts with this issue. Is my battery dead? Why does the motherboard not 'charge' by itself? Is it the charger port that needs replacement? If anyone can help me it'd be much appreciated. I am currently stuck in a small town in Vietnam and it'd be nice to continue my work while I'm here.

Thank you all for your time and your help.


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