Macbook Pro 13" mid 2010 suddenly blocking sites!! but all ok on pc!!

  SANAP 17:45 06 Mar 2014

I use a macbook pro 13" mid 2010 for ad hoc surfing etc BUT all of a sudden it has started to give me error messages today blocking sites I have always accessed for the past 4 years. error says " Sorry but website is blocked on this network, contact your network administrator". When I click on network admin, I get a pop up asking for name, email, and a message box. It says at end " this note will go to your network administrator." And end of page it says " powered by OpenDNS.

All I did recently was make a few changes in safari preferences to see if I could get SKY GO to work again but it failed. I had to make some changes to adobe player. I have changed these back.

I am using OS Mavericks.

And with a macbook I am totally lost so help no matter how obvious the solution may be.


  rdave13 17:52 06 Mar 2014

It will be your OpenDns settings I think. Do you use OpenDns on the PC?

  SANAP 19:53 06 Mar 2014

i go through a router, this only started happening today!! Its fine on ipad, and a windows 7 laptop!!

I use servers ending 220 220. And I can access quite a few sites still on macbook. In fact at the moment it affects one site. I am going through bookmarks to check others. Could a site block a macbook and not the PC??

Very weird.

If you can say what I should double check that would be great.

Hope I explained myself. I keep time machine backups and I just used 3 March 2014 but still got problem.


  rdave13 22:02 06 Mar 2014

You use OpenDNS so log in to their site to see what help is needed for the Mackbook, otherwise go back to your ISP's auto settings.

  SANAP 19:30 07 Mar 2014

bingo, did as you suggested, ie went back to settings " obtain dns automatically from provider" and macbook back to normal. I would love to know why it went wonky and was selective.

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