Macbook Icloud storage help

  User-68CF5C2E-1C27-400B-8E8319A7D31C362B 04:14 30 Oct 2015


so i have too much stuff on the macbook, ive made backups of the data but i want to now delete alot of the stuff.

i have a few thousand pictures and some videos i want to delete, when i select the items i want to delete in the photo library it says it will delete the items off all the devices i have icloud on. i just want to clear the macbook for space not loose everything on the other devices.

how can i delete all the data without it wiping it off the icloud.


  Macworld 10:15 30 Oct 2015

If it is saying that deleting the images will delete them from iCloud I think that means they are actually in iCloud rather than on your Mac.

Have you signed up for iCloud Photo Library and uploaded the images to iCloud? How much iCloud storage are you paying for? This would offer the biggest clue to whether this is the case.

An alternative would be to move your photo library to a separate storage device, our colleagues at Macworld US have recently published this article about doing that: click here

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