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MacBook Air random restart when it sleep mode

  Jacob Prosser 07:30 21 May 2018

Hey guys! So, I have a 13" MacBook Air early 2015 model. Within the past month or two, an issue has come up. Whenever the MacBook is asleep for what seems to be around 2 hours or more, whether that be with the closed or open, when awoken it reboots. This also only happens when not connected to power and running off of the battery. So it goes like this: MacBook has been closed for 2+ hours, not plugged into power. I open the lid. Mac does the reboot chime (it actually does it twice for some strange reason). Reboots as if it was turned off, and I have to go through the whole boot up and login process. No idea why this is happening. Any ideas or recommendations to fix this? I have tried an SMC reset (shift, control, opt, power) and this didn't solve the issue.

Thanks in advance!

  Jacob Prosser 07:32 21 May 2018

Wow, typos.

"MacBook Air random restart when IN sleep mode"

"..whether that be with the LID closed or open"

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