MacAfee Antivirus 7 update procedure?

  Epirb406 10:56 08 Jun 2003

Morning all, hopefully just a quikkie and me being a nupty.

I was sent the new bugbear virus, was suspicious of the attached file and scanned it with an updated version of MaAfee virus scan 7 and got the all clear.

Was still suspicious so emailed the file to their website, they identified it as being infected and emailed me an 'extra' dat file.

Now I can't work out how to apply the patch, usually it all happens automatically. With my old system I used to get an exe file to apply the patch but don't have that on this occasion.

Tried an web update this morning but there is no new files to be had so I obviously need to apply the patch.

Had a look at their website and no clear clues.

Any experts out there?


PS, Windows ME and aged pentium system.

  Carafaraday 14:54 08 Jun 2003

I downloaded a patch for McAfee 7 on Thursday (I think) which ended ....70. This was supposed to detect bugbear virus. I have Windows 98, though, so maybe it wouldn't do for you. I just thought it would save you trying to install this update if you could download it from the website and install it all in a oner.

  Epirb406 15:50 08 Jun 2003

Thanx for response but unless there is another prob somewhere, or I'm already infected with something (eeeuch)The most recent files I have been able to get from Macafee don't dtect the ne bugbear variant.

So I am still left with this extra dat file they have sent and don't know what to do with it.

Cheers, epirb.

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