Mac via USB to PC and printer ??

  Diemmess 15:05 30 Oct 2003

Have been given G3 Mac Powerbook OS9 system.
There are no USB sockets, Yes it is that old!

Please confirm what I believe is possible - use the 9 pin printer port or similar with a cable to a USB socket.

This socket can then accept a memory "Flash card" to transfer compatible files to a PC. ....... Or the USB cable to a laser printer (I can download the Mac drivers for this one).

This is bound to be a slow connection, but is hopefully a cheap way out for occasional data transfer, and is not part of a commercial designer/printer service which was the first life of the old laptop.

Can anyone identify such a connector and hint at the vendor and price?

  Diemmess 22:13 30 Oct 2003

My problem has been resolved. There is a lot involved, and if anyone is interested they can email me for the tawdry details. This forum is better used for truly PC matters, let the Mac people find their own answers

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