MAC Sierra Photos Restore to an Earlier Version

  Tony! 13:08 07 Dec 2016

After uploading about 1000 photos from a recent holiday I now find Photos has automatically changed some photograph data I had input and need to restore to an earlier version which will hopefully recover some of the changed information. I use a WD MyPassport external drive both for Time Machine backups and as the Photos program SystemLibrary. When I try via the normal Time Machine Restore the external drive is greyed out. Any ideas please or alternative options for restoring to an earlier version which I can see on the timeline but cannot access? USERS BEWARE: The Photos 'Get Info' function allows selection of multiple photos to 'batch' change Titles, Descriptions, Locations etc. However, after such a change the same change is implemented on multiple following photographs that had not been selected. This is where my trouble started and was not expected and therefore not noticed for a while. Also, after adding information to quite a number of photos, the program unexpectedly starts an 'Updating Preferences' (or something like that) which although can seemingly be stopped also appears to change photo information. As though the command to stop the updating is only from that point onward and not the whole process. (How thorough, or not, is Apple's program testing??).

  Burn-it 19:21 07 Dec 2016

My personal advise is to never trust Apple Software at all. I actually refuse to do any software work of any client computer that has any Apple software on there other than Quick Time.

  Tony! 10:25 09 Dec 2016

Hi Burn-it, I can see where you are coming from, these problems are very frustrating and all for a lack of proper testing, but I do not want to lose the detail of all my photos. I spent many hours compiling and researching the information.

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