Mac Pro HDD, RAM Upgrade and Sample storage

  [email protected] 15:37 30 Oct 2015

Hi all,

I'd be grateful for some advice on purchasing a new HHD and Ram:

I have a Mac Pro Mid 2012 3.2Ghz Quad-core 12GB RAM with the default 1tb HDD and a Samsung EVO 256GB SSD running Yosemite which I use for Music Production - both acoustic and electronic - meaning that I record a lot of audio but also use a lot of software instruments, samples and sample instruments. I have 2x external WD 1TB Hard Drives for backup.

I'm starting to run out of HDD space and sometimes get performance issues with larger projects forcing me into higher buffer settings and latency.

I'm looking to install another 1TB HDD. I will then run the OS and apps off of the SSD, run my samples off of the old default HDD and write/record audio to the new hard drive. Eventually I will be looking to get another SSD, but that will be slightly further down the line. I am also looking to get some more RAM.

I'd be so grateful if I could get some advice on the fastest (1TB) HDD to get (Not SSD – too expensive for 1TB). I’ve read that there is no point getting a hybrid as the amount of Audio I’ll be recording will far exceed the 64GB or whatever cache and it won’t be the same data being accessed all the time.

I’d also be grateful if you could advise me on what RAM to get. Should I replace all my RAM? (I haven’t altered the stock RAM that comes with the Mac Pro) or should I leave that and get extra?

I’d also be appreciative if you could tell me whether I should split my samples and sample instruments across drives or partitions?

Also – should I upgrade my CPU? Or is it not worth it?

Thanks so much!


  Macworld 11:57 02 Nov 2015

The good news is that of all the Macs Apple makes, the Mac Pro is just about the only one you can significantly upgrade yourself... With the model you have, the memory and hard drives can be upgraded quite simply, Apple does not intend that you should upgrade the processor - it might be possible but it won't be easy!

There's an article about updating a Mac of your age here: click here

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