mac powerbook G4

  [DELETED] 01:31 31 Dec 2003

I've purcheased as mentioned above. It's powerfull, 1.23Ghz, 80Gb, MS X o/s, yet, I'm not sure I should keep it. I have no experience with Mac and I'm starting having doubts wether I will be redible for everyone who works on PC.
I'm searching for the Virtual PC for Mac in order to download some software that I've got on my old PC and seems not to work on Mac, and it's so pricey and doesn't get a good review.
I'm going to keep my old paltop that runs Windows XP, and the reason I've bought Mac is that I'm about to designe my website, a gallery, and hope to administer and run it on this new powerbook.

Regarding the WYSIWYG web developing software, shall I first install the Virtuall PC and then Microsoft FrontPage, would it work ok all together on Mac? or spend money on Macromedia Dreamweaver and so don't bother to buy Virtual PC, assuming Macromedia Dreamweaver is compatibile with MAc?
And how about compatibility of some other software that I will need to instal on it in order to maintain my website/e-shop?

Would someone please advice me on those subjects?

Many thanks

  [DELETED] 02:53 31 Dec 2003

having worked on both systems....

I can say i much prefer PC's. All macromedia software comes in PC & MAC format.

I'd say dreamweaver is your best bet for building a website.

Concerning the cross platform compatibility.... hmmm it can be done, but it's a real pain in the...

You can get Microsoft Office for MAC.

In my opinion, get rid of your MAC and stick with PC!!! there's nothing that a MAC can do that a PC can't do, or do even better!!! ;o)

  [DELETED] 21:01 31 Dec 2003

Spec for spec I believe Mac's are far better because they are designed as a system rather than a collection of parts. I've always mentained that my old power mac 6200 (75MHz) gave my P III 450 a good run for it's money and was definately far more reliable. It certainly outlived the PIII by quite a while.

  [DELETED] 00:17 01 Jan 2004

Macs do have a longer life span, but seriously, what aspect of a MAC makes it better than a PC? i can't think of any... upgading is expensive if not pointless. yeah Macs will last longer and have fewer errors as there's not much that you can do with them, they're not very customisable, like windows or Linux.

Most people i know only use macs cuz they are used to them, or cuz they hate windows(microsoft).

People say that mac are an industry standard, and why is that? Macs were in that line of work before PC's, everyones gotten used to using them. PC's have come a long way since. Even Macs are starting to move towards the PC trend now. A bit arrogant they are too i reckon...

That advert with Geoff Goldblum doing the vioce over about the new PowerMac, being the fastest PC ever...
they had to Ban it cuz it was a sheer lie! They couldn't prove it! No-one can say they have the fastest pc ever!

  [DELETED] 16:05 01 Jan 2004

Let me add some more facts and questions. I'm planing to build a website, possibely another one too, so I need a big disc space in which case 80GB of my mac is suficient. Besides mac now runs MS x Panther which make it painless to conect to any PC, I believe it's painless to send documents etc. between different platforms too, am I right?
/click here

About designing website, I believe it's a matter of software not my mac to make a webpage that will be readable and downloadable to any browsers and any platforms, am I right?

Besides, the price I got this powerbook G4 15-inch for, I paid £1499 for it, worth £1999, 2 year-guaranty, and it's laptop as you probably know, I don't have a room for a desktop PC. Considering these two facts I think I shouldn't return it to the shop just because it doesn't run windows. All software I'll need for designing a website is for mac too.

what would you reckon?

  rickf 16:20 01 Jan 2004

For £1499, you could get a lot of PC.

  [DELETED] 17:45 01 Jan 2004

in this case if you already knew that you wanted to keep it then why ask?

and if you already have all the MAC software then yeah it would make sense to keep as the cost of replacing with Win software would be just silly.

rickF, yeah u can get a lot of stuff in PC, but it's all down to personal proferance and what you're used to at the end of the day.

  rickf 20:39 01 Jan 2004

Give me a pc anytime for all round versatility. Don't need my comp. to be a good looking piece of furniture. Even that is open to debate, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.

  [DELETED] 01:09 02 Jan 2004

i totally agree with you on that. A lot of girls i know prefer macs to pc's*.

* in no way is this a sexist comment, merely stating a fact.

  Forum Editor 01:42 02 Jan 2004

for people who work in graphics and in the publishing industry, but I wouldn't personally use one for website design. PCs excel in that area as far as I'm concerned, and for a lot less money. I design web sites for a living (amongst other things), and although I have a Mac in my office I don't use it for site design.

You say that you need "a big disk space", but I don't understand why - you certainly won't need it for two websites, they'll fit into 20Mb or so.
Nowadays there isn't the problem with file incompatibility between PCs and Macs that there used to be, so you'll find no problem there. Dreamweaver will be no problem either, provided you have MacOs version 10.2.6 (for DreamWeaverMX). You can't be so certain about other software though - some of the less high-profile applications will not be available for the Mac, although it depends what you want.

You have acquired a great computer,but I hope you didn't buy it specifically for designing these two sites - you could do that just as well with a similar specification Windows laptop costing £300 less.

  [DELETED] 02:10 02 Jan 2004

spot on.

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