Mac - Partition not showing on external drive

  Punto de Ataque 15:25 01 Dec 2016

So I've been having some issues with my external hard drive the past few days. One of its partitions (BACK UP) was not appearing on my desktop so I wanted to try the "Mount" function and attempt a remount of the drive. However, when I try to open Disk Utility, it does not load. It simply says "Loading disks" and does not change. The strange thing is, this only happens when my external hard drive is plugged in. When it's not, Disk Utility works fine. Any suggestions as it how I could fix this?

  mgmcc 17:30 01 Dec 2016

It sounds as though the external drive has become corrupted and this is why it (or one of its partitions) isn't being displayed and Disk Utility isn't loading the details. Try opening Disk Utility without the external disk connected. Once opened, plug in the external drive. If it then shows up, run First Aid on the drive to fix issues. If that still fails, you may have to erase the drive or partition, although this will destroy any data on it.

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