Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger laundched today

  ajm 11:18 29 Apr 2005

Anyone buying their copy today?

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  Kate B 12:53 29 Apr 2005

Not today but I will be buying it for my iBook ... it looks very good, particularly as it apparently actually speeds up machines rather than slowing them down as can happen with a Windows OS upgrade.

  powerless 18:09 29 Apr 2005

I've gone one better...Not only did I pre-order it.

Apple mananged to have it on my doorstep today...

So I have Tiger here right now, hows that for service?

  Dan the Doctus 18:19 29 Apr 2005

*and Powerless rode off into the sunset on his Tiger...*

  Forum Editor 08:18 30 Apr 2005

A Hong Kong client has 60 Apple machines networked in his dealing room - I always get a call to be present whenever there's a roll-out.

  ajm 11:13 30 Apr 2005

that means more ££££

  Kate B 11:38 30 Apr 2005

Powerless, how are you finding it? And how was the upgrade process for pain? I've never upgraded a Mac before ...

  powerless 16:47 30 Apr 2005

Well I wiped Panther and started fresh with Tiger.

The 'Welcome' [?] in all the languages is now video with the music. :-)

Spotlight is quick!

  Forum Editor 16:56 30 Apr 2005

Oh yes.

  Forum Editor 17:13 30 Apr 2005

If you have Disk Warrior version 3.0.2. you may get the message:

"This disk appears to have a newer version of the Mac OS disk format than this version of DiskWarrior."

unless you disable Spotlight indexing in the preferences immediately after the Tiger install. After running Disk Warrior you can enable Spotlight again.

Alternatively, wait for a short while - there will be an upgrade of Disk Warrior (to version 3.0.3) available very shortly.

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