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Mac OS 10.11 Upgrade to Catalina ?

  Anon-2452671 01:22 13 Oct 2019

Hi .. I have a MacBook (12-inch, Early 2016) with OS X EI Capitan 10.11.6. Can this Macbook be upgraded to Catalina? From the OS aspect, I believed it can be. But from the hardware side, I read somewhere is it not suitable for Catalina. Also in the System Preferences screen, there is no Software Update button. Please advise. Thanks .. John

  Anon-309274 06:07 13 Oct 2019

Yes click here

Click on the Apple symbol top left and choose About this Mac and then Software Update

  Anon-2452671 09:37 13 Oct 2019

Hi Bremmer .. thks a zillion for the response.

There is no OS Updates option in the About This Mac screen, only Apps updates. I have tried this before, and it is the same, Apps updates + some other securities update. How do I get to the OS Update? ps.. I need to get to min Mojave (better straight to Catalina) to install some new applications.

Thank you so much .. John

  Anon-309274 09:45 13 Oct 2019

That is where I have always got mine and did so last week for Catalina

  Anon-2452671 10:59 13 Oct 2019

Noted Bremmer. Thanks for your response & support. Rgds .. John

  Anon-2432433 11:42 13 Oct 2019

Since upgrading, my computer has shut-down for no apparent (to me at least) 4 times. I do not think catalina is stable enough yet to be released onto the open market. BEWARE

  Anon-2452671 13:01 13 Oct 2019

Noted Bremmer. Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it. Reds .. John

  Anon-2432433 20:00 17 Oct 2019

I have given up on Catalina, at least for now. Apparently OKI printers have a major problem with it, acknowledged by OKI and updated drivers are expected but not before the middle of November or even into December. BEWARE!

  Anon-2432433 14:10 18 Oct 2019

Some Mac forums are likening MacOSX Catalina to MS Vista!!

I must be lucky. I got on well with Vista and Catalina seems fine as well so far with only a minor issue concerning disc printing but Canon released new drivers yesterday and everything is great.

In preparation for Catalina I did ensure that all 32bit apps/software had been updated where possible prior to installation.

  Anon-326855 17:03 19 Oct 2019

Not meaning to hijack this thread but does anyone know about i-photo (32 bit) on Catalina? I have had a query about getting it to work after the upgrade to Catalina.

  Anon-2452671 21:30 19 Oct 2019

I am putting the upgrade to Catalina on hold until it becomes a little more mature. I do not have the tech competencies to fix any hiccup should it occur. Pls do update this thread and share your experience on this upgrading journey (though I am so tempted .... uuggghh). Thanks

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