Mac newbie MacBook Pro 2010 needing help.

  mickjn 10:03 26 Jan 2017

Hi all Mick here a mac newbie. I am running sierra and have a question about "mapping network drives" How do you do it? To be honest I think I have done it and placed an icon on the desktop to the various drives but if I boot the mac away from the network my icons disappear, is that normal? I have a copy of outlook on the mac for pop email but every time I run the program it asks for my password which I enter and tick save in keychain but it keeps asking. Hope I have placed this in the right forum.


  mgmcc 20:17 27 Jan 2017

Unlike Windows, in a Mac you don't "Map Network Drives" and give them a drive letter. When a drive is "mounted", its icon is displayed on the desktop, whether a network drive, a USB drive, an SD card etc. To unmount it, right click and select Eject or drag the icon to trash. If you shut down and restart away from the local network, the drive won't be mounted and displayed. What you can do, when it is mounted, is to right click it and create an "alias". This is the Mac's equivalent of a Windows shortcut. This can then be used to mount the drive when in range of the local network.

As regards Outlook, go into the program's account settings and make sure the password has been entered correctly in there. May be worth deleting it and entering it again.

  mickjn 22:43 27 Jan 2017

Thanks tried all suggested with outlook but no luck. :(

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