Mac Messaging app notification sound

  SteveyJ_28 18:12 21 Nov 2016

Hi there, I'm trying to change the notification sound on the messaging app on Mac to an mp3 or AIFF format file already on my mac. I've tried putting into the sound directories, one of which I can't put it into (which is the one I need) and the other I can, but that's for the notification sounds for the entire mac rather than just the messaging app. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!

  mgmcc 12:00 22 Nov 2016

Does this page help?

You haven't said what the path is that you need to put your sound file into.

  SteveyJ_28 16:04 22 Nov 2016

~/Library/Sounds/ - the one I can put them into but it doesn't work for the messaging app /System/Library/Sounds/ - The one I can't put it into and I think this is the one I need to put it in for it to work

  SteveyJ_28 16:09 22 Nov 2016

I read that thread and saw a more recent solution but I'm struggling to get to where he was and how to do it. The more recent stuff also says it now uses .caf format files rather than AIFF or mp3 so I'll convert a file to .caf and see what I can do for now

  SteveyJ_28 16:17 22 Nov 2016

Update no.3, I've found the directory they were speaking about in the thread you gave me, and have converted the file to .caf but again it won't let me paste into it? It has all the right files in it with the right .caf files to be the messaging app sounds but it just won't let me paste.

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