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Mac keeps crashing since Carolina update

  Aled Davies 02:00 16 Oct 2019

My Mac keeps crashing since I’ve updated to Carolina - mostly when I use the MS Office apps I have Intego NetBarrier and Vitus Barrier 10.9 installed I never had this problem in all the years I’ve owned the Mac Any Ideas?

  Aled Davies 02:19 16 Oct 2019

Mac is late 2012, OS is ver 10.15 and MS Office app is vers 16.16.15

  HondaMan 08:26 16 Oct 2019

I have the same problem plus my laser printer won't work with it, so I'm reverting to the previous stable OS

  Pine Man 08:29 16 Oct 2019

Have you checked to see if there is an update for your Office app. I'm on version 16.31 and everything is working fine.

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