Mac help for networking needed please

  Genome 10:05 23 Nov 2005

Hi there

I live in a place where 4 of us all have PC's wirelessly connected to a network. i recently purchased a apple mini mac complete with wireless capabilities (airport). the problem is i cant seem to get it to connect to our network.

• All the pc's connect fine and all use the internet problem free.

• The airport cant find the connection i need but just says error connecting each time.

• One of my house mates knows all about networking for pc's but seems a dunce when it comes to macs so hes done all he can to try. This includes setting up a mac address for me etc etc.

Id really appreciate any advice anyone could give me to try out. it just seems to have an error connecting and thats all i know. cant find a reason why at all.

thanks in advance

  mgmcc 13:06 23 Nov 2005

Is your Mac Mini running the latest version of Mac OS x - Tiger 10.4.3?

I ran the software update last night and noticed there was an update for improved compatibility between 'airport' and third-party 802.11 hardware, which might help. I only have "wired" networking with my Mac Mini, so can't offer much help with "wireless".

  Genome 14:29 23 Nov 2005

i think it is yes as its fairly ew but im not 100% sure.

not sure how im going to upgrade my OSX without an internet connection to it though.

unfortunatly i dont know much about networking and i been reading up as much as i can on airport the past hour or so.

this 802.11g thing. whats that all about. i have no idea if our router does have it (its a free rubbish one though so prob not) but if it doesnt is it impossible to connect to it using airport?

all i can find out is the router needs to be airport enabled or this wifi 802.11g thing. as the router is used for 4 pc's this wifi thing is prob my best opption.

me and one of my housemates are going to buy a new router soon so if i get one with wifi802.11g it should in theory work????

  mgmcc 20:10 23 Nov 2005

<<< i think it is yes as its fairly ew but im not 100% sure. >>>

My Mac Mini came with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) installed but the upgrade DVD to OS x 10.4 (Tiger) was in the box. Online updates have subsequently upgraded this to 10.4.3. If you click the blue "apple" in the top left of the screen, and select "About This Mac", it will tell you the version.

<<< not sure how im going to upgrade my OSX without an internet connection to it though. >>>

Your connection to the internet doesn't *need* to be wireless just because you have the Airport adapter installed. The Mac Mini has a conventional ethernet adapter, with which you can connect to a router using an ethernet cable. Also, it has a "Dialup" modem, although I wouldn't try downloading the larger updates over a dialup

<<< this 802.11g thing. whats that all about. >>>

There are essentially two wireless networking protocols used to connect devices such as Wireless Network Adapters and Wireless Access Points etc. These are the older 802.11b protocol, which has a data transfer speed of 11Mbps, and 802.11g with a speed of 54Mbps. Your Airport adapter will be an 802.11g device.

I cannot help with the specifics as I don't have an Airport WiFi adapter and the Mac Mini doesn't recognise my Belkin USB wireless adapter.

  Genome 13:58 24 Nov 2005

cheers for what you said but i think ive discoverd the problem and why my house mate couldnt help either (he does networking for pc's for a job)

i just read that my WEP pass needs a $ before it to make it hexidecimal. so il try that when i get home

fingers crossed.

in the end i just downlaoded the mac updates on my pc and used my ipod to transfere them. also i looked at the router set up and it supports both 802.11 b and g types so this looks like its the problem all along

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