Mac-formatted GTech Drive's compatibility with Ubuntu

  Giacomo3791 08:54 19 Nov 2013

I have an old GTech external hard disk (GDrive 400 USB/250) that I have been using for storage and backups with my equally old MacBook Pro 1.1. The hard disk is partitioned in two halves, one for storage, the other for the backups. I connected the hard disk via USB2.0 to an HP650 laptop running Ubuntu but the laptop reads only part of the hard disk's content. In particular, it read Pdf files in the storage area of the hard disk but it does not read the folders contained in the backup area. Is there a way that I can have the laptop read those folders? Please help. Thanks in advance, Giacomo

  LastChip 10:44 19 Nov 2013

Ubuntu has the ability to read MAC file systems (hsf) built into the kernel.

In all probability, it's because the permissions are wrong on your external drive.

If there's nothing sensitive on the drive or only you have access anyway, you could try giving the files 777 permissions, which means anyone can access the files.

In order to prove the concept, you could try the permissions on just one file and see if it makes a difference. At the command line:

chmod 777 /your-directory/your-file

Clearly substitute your-directory and your-file for whatever you want to change.

Just be aware, it's a very insecure method

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